The Reverend John Cook is the UKirk SC Presbyterian Campus Minister at the University of South Carolina. For over 18 years, he has explored his call to ministry in sharing the beauty of God’s creation with students. In exploring this call, John has helped lead trips out West for 381 young adults with 517 days in the field in more than 24 states and Mexico. Over the years, John has picked up and honed skills in expedition behavior, faith development, pastoral counseling, relationship building, and young adult ministry.
Through the Qwest West ministry, John utilizes his gifts and service to facilitate – by God’s grace – an amazing and impactful journey for young adults, their churches, and their campus ministries as students travel, re-create, worship, fellowship, and servant-lead together throughout the West. 
At least two other staff members accompany John on the journey. Staff – often pastors or seminary students – are called who have a keen skill-set for safety discernment, for pastoral relations, for sound decision-making, and for answering God’s call to servant-leadership. The ratio of staff to young adults is 1 to 4.
Qwest West, Inc. is a non-profit ministry affiliated with Shandon Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and UKirkSC