Qwest West 2021 has been postponed to May 2022

Qwest West is certainly about a lot of things. It is about exhilarating travel, cold showers, traveling meals, new-found friends, faith development, beautiful places, interesting cities, wide canyons, magnificent mountains, tall trees, amazing sunsets, spiritual growth, endless journeys, the wild West, and you. “Who? Me?” you ask. That’s right; this trip is about you and what you have to bring to the experience of this Qwest. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” At its heart this endeavor is about self-discovery. It is about you as an individual and what you have to offer the group along the journey. We don’t want you to think the group is unimportant, because it is of utmost importance to the success of our Qwest. But you will find along the way that the Qwest works like life is supposed to work, with individuals coming together for a common purpose, bringing their individual gifts to bear for the group, thereby insuring that the journey is a success.
Now you are thinking, “That’s great, but what’s in it for me?” We here at Qwest West won’t covenant that you’ll learn a great deal about yourself and your faith, but experience has shown that you will notice a funny thing happening along the Qwest West. As you contribute your gifts and yourself for the good of the journey, you begin to grasp more firmly who you are and what you are up to in this world. At its heart this Qwest is indeed a journey of self-discovery in the American West, where you will reach new summits of maturity, faith development, spiritual growth, and self-awareness. Summiting these personal peaks, then, are what’s in it for you! And in it for your parents, family, friends, and church as they all share in your accomplishments. Let’s head for those mountaintops! 

Our Mission: To share the wonder and beauty of God’s creation found in the West with young adults, helping them scale new heights in spiritual maturity, leadership, faith development, community responsibility, and self-awareness about their own place and mission in this world.
Check out this Qwest West informational video made by Qwest West alum Joseph Matthews. Enjoy!





Qwest West, Inc. is a non-profit ministry affiliated with Shandon Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and UKirkSC